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Tank Mixing Experience

Tank Mixing Experience Matters

Tank Mixing Experience
Tank Mixing Experience

Tank Mixing Experience is key to the success of your mixing application.  A good portion of the available product literature available offers faulty or misleading suggestions for sizing tank mixers. The matter is further complicated when taking into consideration that sizing is only half the battle – location is equally as important. An offer based on inexperience could result in a project designed to fail right from the very beginning, ultimately leading to more time and money devoted to troubleshooting your new installation instead of moving on to the next project.

Because there are so many different types of tank mixing applications we don’t attempt to follow the competition with their “one size fits all” mentality – it absolutely does not! Each tank mixing application requires a review to ensure the correct selection of equipment and the correct location of that equipment.

Northeast Controls (uniquely) has more than 50 years of experience in tank mixing applications with both tank mixing eductors and propeller type side entry mixers. We’ve sized mixers for tanks in sizes up to one million barrel (42 million gallons) capacity.

Our expertise is available to ensure your blending/solids suspension/heat transfer requirements are fully met.

We list the following points that we find necessary for the successful application of side entry mixers.

(1) Sizing: It is critical to the application that the tank mixers are sized correctly.

In order to properly size a tank mixing application we will need:

  1. Tank Shape: cylindrical, rectangular (not conducive to side entry tank mixer use) and bottom style.
  2. Tank Dimensions
  3. Purpose: Blending, solids suspension, steam heating or other.
  4. Tank contents: Specific gravity & viscosity of the components.
  5. Operation: Batch or Continuous
  6. Blend cycle time required (defined as three turnovers.

(2) Location: Equally important is the installed location(s). It is also critical to correctly locate the mixers according to the application.

Our side entry tank mixers offer a low overhang design that makes them self-supporting on the tank man-way. No tie-rods, base plates or foundation supports are required, thus greatly simplifying installation while providing a very low vibration unit that greatly extends in-service time between maintenance requirements.

All other side entry tank mixer designs have wide overhang and require additional support (usually tie-rods) resulting in considerable additional vibration and shortening mean time between maintenance and running up maintenance costs and downtime.