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Tank Mixer for Product Blending

Tank Mixer for Product Blending

The Jensen Series 600 for Tank Blending

The Jensen Mixer Series 600 with it’s exclusive Pitch-Adjusted propeller is the right tank mixer for blending applications.  Blending includes the prevention of stratification in blended products, elimination of solidification and crusting at the product surface, heat transfer for uniform product temperature and blending of two miscible fluids.

Proper product blending ensures that the product leaving the tank has a uniform gravity, viscosity and temperature. This is crucial for ensuring that accurate sampling can be accomplished, since the tank cannot be emptied until an accurate sample has been obtained.

All of these applications require basically the same approach with respect to fluid flow patterns and mixer horsepower ratings. It is generally accepted that the most desirable flow pattern in blending operations is a slight horizontal “swirl” combined with considerable vertical turnover.

To accomplish this, the mixer is installed at a slight angle with respect to the tank center line. This angle will vary from 10º in large tanks to 7º in small tanks. In most cases it is desirable to locate the mixer close to and clockwise from the fill line.

Operating procedure is one of the most important factors affecting blending applications. When writing specifications, engineers should give special attention to this as required horsepower in identical tanks may vary greatly due to different procedures.

Jensen Mixer Pitch-Adjusted Propeller

Jensen Mixer Propeller

Jensen Mixer Propeller

Tank mixer performance is dependent upon propeller design and efficiency. The exclusive Jensen propeller is Pitch-Adjusted and a highly efficient, three blade, marine type propeller precision set and permanently fixed at our factory to assure superior mixing performance in each individual application. Factory selection of optimum pitch/diameter ratio results in higher thrust, increased flow and maximum utilization of available power. The Jensen Pitch-Adjusted propeller is the most tested and most inspected propeller available on any mixer. Jensen has conducted exhaustive efficiency tests on Pitch Adjusted and competitive propellers at various speeds and horsepowers. Results showed Jensen Pitch Adjusted propellers to be more efficient in every horsepower range when operated at manufacturer’s recommended RPM.

Jensen Pitch Adjusted propellers can easily be installed through most standard manways without removing the prop from the mixer shaft or entering the tank.