Side Entry Mixers Made in the U.S.A.

Jensen Model 401 Lease Tank Mixers

Jensen Model 401 Lease Tank Mixers

Reclaims tank bottoms, improves chemical efficiency, eliminates tank cleaning.

Jensen Model 401 Lease Tank Mixers Installed in a Clean Tank and Operated Regularly …

  • will completely eliminate undesirable tank bottom accumulations
  • will break up heavy ends and basic sediments to improve water drainage
  • will improve efficiency of chemicals required
  • will eliminate need to periodically clean out tank bottoms
  • can eliminate need for heater-treaters.

A Jensen Model 401 Mixer installed in a tank containing sediment build-ups can, when used in conjunction with heat or chemicals, convert a high percentage of this sediment to pipeline oil.

Compare Construction
All Jensen Model 401 bearings are sealed and self-lubricating – this means no lubrication or maintenance for over 250,000 hours. Driven with a single adjustable V-belt.

Compare Installation
One flange (included with mixer) allows simple weld on or bolt on installation. In both cases only the flange is attached to the tank. The mixer does not become part of your tank. The mixer is supported entirely by the flange. No bases or other special preparations required.

Compare Efficiency
Compare the fluid movement produced by Jensen’s propellers (15″ on the 2 HP mixer, 13″ on the 1 HP mixer) with other prop sizes.



  1. Mount mixer on tank per JENSEN drawing SCA All materials, including gaskets, are furnished with each mixer. Use either weld-on or bolt-on mounting configuration, Ensure mixer body is mounted on tank improper position, depending on frame number of electric motor. Mixer body is stamped showing which side is up for motor frame numbers 143T and 145T. (Motor mount only accepts motors with these frame numbers) . Due to light weight and short overhang, no additional bracing or supports are required for mounting.
  2. Make all necessary electrical connections in accordance with National Electrical Code (in U.S.A), local codes and your company’s codes. Follow wiring diagrams in motor manual supplied with mixer.
  3. Check mixer rotation. Mixer sheaves should rotate clockwise – in same direction as arrows ?n mixer body.



  1. After initial 48 hours of operation, check V-belt tension and adjust if necessary .
  2. In most cases, JENSEN or its authorized representative recommended the Model 40 I mixer in accordance with the blending or mixing requirements of your application. JENSEN guarantees your Model 40 I mixer to operate within these specifications. Should you have any questions, please contact factory or your JENSEN representative.


  • There are no periodic maintenance requirements due to the JENSEN design.